You will get here answers to common questions we get from future dog owners. Please before the inquiry, read the info below. Nevertheless, feel free to contact us regarding any ambiguities or any unclarities we need to shed light on.

This breed is not for everyone, not for weak ones with soft temperaments, for the ones that are lazy, the ones that want their dog to be cuddled and petted by everyone, by strangers, passer-buys, by random people, and certainly not for small kids where constant monitor by parents in presence of a dog would be an issue.

Kids are young people not always aware of their own acts in presence of dogs so for them are not advised to be left without the presence of their parents and guardians who are already well informed of this breed and with that matter said kids must be taught to respect dogs boundaries and his own space. How would they be instructed in the care of a dog of this breed and would you be able to constantly monitor them while being with a dog and protect them from sudden reactions caused by kids screaming, dropping random objects around the dog, etc is your own duty and obligation to teach each child you are having in your household and make sure they are never left alone with a dog without your own presence. Cane Corso is by nature kids protective, won’t harm them purposely if he is well instructed with behaving towards them, he will be in the first line to protect them from any type of harm and to him, the safety of your own kids is a most important task, so to answer properly on this question, yes Cane Corso is great with kids, but he needs adequate training and stimulations to learn boundaries and respect house and it’s housemates.

It is very important to understand that Cane Corso is weary of strangers and he has to be properly introduced with you to accept you, but also it doesn’t mean he will, because one part of his history says he is not so fond of meeting random people and spend time with them without their owners and in that matter said it is way better to get yourself a younger pup so you can teach him to all what he needs to be taught and get him used on your own rules because this breed learns your habits fast, routines and lives with them in perfect way if well nurtured, socialized, and risen in healthy surrounding where not only 1 member of household will apply the rules but all of them that are living in same household, and on the other side Cane Corso if well trained will allow you to pat him but also be sticked to the leg of his owner because he is first and foremost a protector of his family that he is living with, especially overprotective with the babies to whom you won’t be allowed to even approach.

It is very important to know if you or any of your family members have any type of allergy on dogs because Cane Corso like many other dog breeds has allergy-triggering proteins called allergens in their saliva and skin glands that cling to an animal’s skin and fur. The fur and dander from skin stick to walls, carpets, and clothing and people who have sensitive/over-sensitive immune systems can easily start to react to completely harmless proteins in pet’s urine, saliva, and other things that are mentioned and the symptoms that result are an allergic reaction with not so pleasant ending for a potential owner.

Many people want dogs of this breed because of their appearance and more for their fierce temperament not being aware that every dog needs to be well trained throughout his all life and stabilized to be able to be walked leashed without his pulling and unleashed when allowed to spend some time with other dogs not having any side effect for other owners of their dogs, humans and especially kids. If you decide to keep the dog inside make sure to teach him from the very start what is allowed and what is not, that means to get a professional trainer and get as much advice as you can to have your dog under full control always in every situation. If he will spend time in your yard it must be fenced with a strong concrete wall or wired fence that is tall and safe for passer-buys and other dogs that are being walked in the near and he should have built a kennel where he will be able to move, lay down, rest and get out to potty and stretch his back and legs, have to have his water bowl accessible at any time he is thirsty and food must be provided every day at the exact time as they should be taught and used on having a routine every single day in his life.

If you have no time during the day to give a dog the necessary attention and care then you should wait until you clear your schedule until you get one for yourself because this breed when left alone can be very destructive, intolerant, very dominant, and persistent to ruin all that you have in your household. It is not recommended to keep your dog crated either for more than 4h a day, nor is fair to him to be restricted from having a good life meeting new dogs, people, being walked, and being properly guided throughout his life.

We will always advise new owners to keep the same feeding treatment up for 3 months after the pup arrives and if needed to change his diet to do it gradually. Many people choose to change feeding treatment and food brands when they bring home a new puppy, but first of all, there are certain things you should think of to avoid any stress of it that can affect your pup.

Dogs don’t really start to chemically digest food until after they’ve swallowed it. A dog’s saliva is there to lubricate the esophagus and kill bacteria rather than break down the food.

When changing dog food you have to be aware that it can cause digestive issues, especially in puppies and to make that transition easier it is a must to keep your puppy on the same feeding treatment for up to 3 months when you get him since this is already a stressful period of change for him.

When changing that, start with a ratio of about twenty-five percent new food to seventy-five percent old, gradually increasing this amount over about a week until you completely phase out the old food while monitoring him closely any time you switch foods so that you can protect him from developing any digestive issues, and NEVER change his dietary before you get advice how and when to do it or if you should do it at all. Portions are by no means an exact science as well so you’ll need to pay close attention to your puppy, as their portions will increase greatly from one month up until about two years and each pup has different dietary needs as does each stage of his life.

Feeding your pup a raw diet has benefits and drawbacks as well so always seek proper advice on how and when to start feeding him with it.

If your puppy is overweight, it will put your pup’s bones and joints at pretty big stress and can cause serious damages and may also develop serious heart issues as they get older so it’s always better to keep him on a leaner side than the opposite.

As a rule, you should be able to feel your puppy’s ribs but not see them, they should have a visible waist always.

There is also a feeding puzzle that you can include to slow your Cane Corso puppy feeding down since Cane Corsos are a very intelligent breed that will need some mental stimulation and if you think your puppy needs more food, it’s best to keep track of his or her weight to know what to change and to improve at his feeding.

When you do all of this, then you’re on a good track to have a balanced and healthy dog that will be an agile, energetic, and active pup which is beneficial for this breed.

With all due respect, it is very important to make a right transparent connection with your breeder when getting a dog from him as he is the one that knows each dogs temperament, flaws, and virtues, knows which one pup will most suit your lifestyle based on the information you provided him about you, your life and household you are living in so that the very pup will have all the care and attention he needs and also give you peace of mind when rising a stable, well temperament dog knowing he is safe for you and rest of members of your home. In that case, the breeder will be able to give you adequate advice and help with raising the pup in the best way possible

Lots of people think they are suitable for this breed, but most are not aware of their needs because most people do what they want and rise the dog in their own way without listening too much of advice that breeders give them, so to us some references for you as well are needed to learn more about you from the perspective of other people you are surrounded with and have a better impression of you so we can be able to decide if you are a stable person to have a dog of this breed as Cane Corso is not for everyone with all due respect!!

Who will take care of the dog in case you are hospitalized, need special care for a longer period, or jailed and isolated from your home, or in some completely different situation where you are not able to care for your dog is something we care about the most. We will always advise you to send us our dog back as we are the only one that knows best what treatment to give him, reevaluate his temperament, h=behaving with people, dogs, and lots of different situations, in that case, the very same dog will have constant care, training, necessary health tests, mental stimulation and revaluation and best care possible during his stay with us. Once you are able to have a dog again without any luggage on your back that would possibly stop you from owning him you will get the same dog returned back.

Or you can find a person that is already informed well about this breed and its needs, has to have experience in working with them, hast o be able to continue communication with us for any help that he might be needed in his proper rising, care and feeding as Cane Corso without his owner that raized him is not so tolerant on new hands that would continue his care so it is very important that dog knows this new guardian from earlier and is gotten used to his visits.

Yes, in our kennel we make sure that every pup goes with a contract signed so that both sides are at the same time safe knowing that the very same dog will have proper care and the life he deserves without any struggles about his feeding, vet visits, and vet care that he might from some reason ever need, that the dog will have proper training by an adequate trainer that knows this breed and is properly guided throughout his life, whether you are getting a show prospect or pet companion to us every dog needs same treatment so be sure you have all that we ask you to have to get a dog from us and make sure you have lots of knowledge about this breed before you decide to jump in getting a dog at all.

We ask 50% of the amount for the dog placed in front that is non-refundable and is serving for care for your dog until he is ready to arrive at you. The rest of the amount is paid when the dog reaches 3 months and transport is paid 7 days before his delivery so make sure that you have enough money sources before you even decide to get a dog from us. Transport for US and other continents is going from 1500 euro up to even 2200 euro depending on the place where the dog needs to be delivered so make sure to check if you will need a broker for import or if we are able to deliver you the dog on your home address directly without you running around, asking for brokers, etc as we have that option too with some of the transport agencies we cooperate with. For United Kingdom transport also goes from 700 pounds up to 900 pounds and it is based if the dog needs to be delivered to the territory of UK or to Scotland. Be aware that prices of transport are changing occasionally by air companies and transporters that are managing deliveries so be upfront with it and ask on time how much that arrangement will cost.

Small number of litters

Here at La Nostra Storia our program is based on the health, temperament, and conformation of the Cane Corso breed. We concentrate on the upbringing of our litters with the highest level of care. Only a few litters a year prooves that we are very selective and strict on what dogs we mate and choose to produce.