La Nostra Storia kennel is a well-coordinated team of professionals who care about the health, happiness, and welfare of each and every one of our dogs. Send us any question or inquiry and we are going to try our best to respond to all your perplexities regarding Cane Corso breed.


It is important to us that each dog is placed with the right person for the right reasons. You need to have a clear picture of what you want, what you expect from the dog, and why you feel a particular dog in the litter is right for you in order to get a dog from La Nostra Storia kennel.


Most of the dogs from La Nostra Storia kennel are exhibited, some are tested on their working abilities through particular testing such as IPO and CAL. They are exhibited in local, World, and European dog shows. This is to protect the breed and its history and not because of the competitive spirit.


La Nostra Storia kennel organizes the transportation of Cane Corso dogs across Europe, USA, and the rest of the world with the necessary logistics, documentation, communication, and support. Constant updates of the dog you are waiting for before his delivery are provided.


Once you choose your dog from La Nostra Storia kennel you can expect all the support in terms of health advice, transport organization, paperwork, and communication throughout the process from the moment contract is signed until delivery, and even afterward.


The location of La Nostra Storia kennel is in Serbia, in Vršac, the town surrounded by fertile land and picturesque nature near the Romanian border. Vršac is one of the oldest cities in Banat, which is part of Vojvodina, Republic of Serbia. We are well known breeders with a reputation in this part of Europe.


  • Here at La Nostra Storia the breeding program is based on the health, temperament, and conformation of the Cane Corso breed. We concentrate on the upbringing of our litters with the highest level of care. With that being said, we do not produce many litters yearly, as we are very selective and strict on which dogs we mate and choose to produce.
  • Every litter has to be an improvement on the previous generations in terms of health and structure while maintaining stable, solid, and confident temperaments.
  • Our dogs in the breeding program are health tested, meaning they have certified proof of their hip and elbow scoring, clear hearts, and OCD-free.
  • Dogs at La Nostra Storia are exhibited in local, World, and European dog shows. This is not due to the competitive spirit but in order to protect the breed and its history.
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Cane Corso is a calm, quiet dog, with a strong devotion to his family. Cane Corso is a dog for life. A gentle giant.

La Nostra Storia Kennel

To us, every customer who is an owner of a dog from our kennel becomes part of the La Nostra Storia family. We are always ready to provide support and necessary education to the owner so that the dog can have all the love, attention, and adequate care throughout his life.
We are a caring breeder and you can always reach out to us with your questions and get help when needed. We do not charge for advice, and you can learn a lot, at the same time feel safe in knowing that you can put your trust in us as a breeder to be there when you need us most.


We organize the transportation of our dogs around the whole of Europe, USA, and the rest of the world with the necessary logistics, documentation, communication, advice, and support. We provide constant updates of the dog you before his delivery to you and his progress during the transportation.


Below is the selection of references you will find on our Facebook page.

Most amazing breeder that takes pride in each one dog he sends. Not only i asked hundreds of questions and got reply on each one without a single waiting, but i answed as well on at least three times more of them and can't be more happy i've chosen him to take one of his amazing dogs, still in touch with him after 2 years and still having perfect and most amazing dog i could ever ask for!

John Cavallier    

Would highly recommend Miodrag and lanostrastoria kennel to anyone. Absolutely amazing service from start to finish. Helpful, friendly and above all cares about the health of his dogs. Any questions I ever had he was there to answer and I know he will be in the future. Absolute 5 star service. Thank you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ste Hickman    

I whole heartedly recommend this kennel and Miodrag as an amazing breeder, man and now friend.
I’ve had 3 dogs from Miodrag and each one of them is perfect, healthy and stunning.
Thank you.

Sarah Carvell    

I found Miodrag on a cane corso page and was stunned at his pride and passion of his dogs. I wanted to give Blue (I already have a 3 1/2 year old cane corso) a friend for life. Throughout the process of buying and receiving Bear (picture below 😂) Miodrag was there day or night to answer any questions I had and to guide me in the best upbringing of him. He is the best/cutest/well behaved/intelligent guard dog (yes he is already barking at the post man 🙄 which then sets blue off 😂) any body could wish for. 1000% recommend Miodrag as a professional breeder, great, trustworthy guy 🤗

Emma Bennett    

Miodrag is a brilliant breeder and a genuine guy,I had no problems dealing with him and iam over the moon with my cane corso I bought from him. Even now 8month after I bought chaos miodrag is still in contact with me when ever I need advice or help,as well as us having a FB group of all he's tribe we can share photos and updates with each other. I will always recommend miodrag to anyone that wishes to import a dog because he is honest and trustworthy,as anyone is for nervous and cautious to pay a stranger alot of money hoping they don't get scammed I was privileged to be recommended miodrag and I found a brilliant breeder. You won't be disappointed in the pup you buy from miodrag I get stopped all the time to tell me my dog is beautiful which always makes me feel blessed .

Vickie Hartley    

My precious Dog Arya (Mariah) is from this Kennel , I have never wanted a better dog !!
she is everything that Miodrag promised to me ! plus Loving ,smart, protective and Amazing !!!
He is the only breeder that keeps up with dog parents and actually cares for the puppies he breeds and gives s away to the forever homes .Thank u Miodrag for making our lives better with our Mariah ,
Mellie ,Sofia , Danai and Mariah

Mellie J. Arvis